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The 'Ugly Duckling' barely traveled 39 kilometers in 29 years |  the cars

The ‘Ugly Duckling’ barely traveled 39 kilometers in 29 years | the cars

On the French auction site agotis This is a Citroën 2 CV for sale that could have covered just 39 kilometers in 40 years. This was exactly the distance between the local Citroen dealer and the first owner’s home.

Well, not quite, because this was a distance of 30 kilometers. The other nine kilometers were according to public auction site Already on the counter when the guy bought the car. It is likely the result of driving between the various stations at the factory and a short test drive that all new cars underwent at that time before going to the customer, according to the description accompanying the auction.

The Citroën 2CV 6 Charleston, with its very elegant accents and black and red color scheme, was first introduced in 1980 at the Paris Motor Show. At the time, the plan was to make a Charleston limited series of only 8000 copies, but the success was so great that Citroen decided to include this new model in the catalog as standard.


In 1981, Mr. H. From Maine-Loire, France, a Citroen with special rims. The site said he bought the car and drove it home the following year. Then he parked the car next to his Citroën DS – also known as Snoek – and put a blanket on it. There the car was found after 29 years in absolutely original condition.

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Even the tires were never re-inflated, according to the auction house. To keep the magic alive, the auction house did not restart the engine or touch the brakes, leaving the car in the same condition it was in the day it left the dealership in 1982.

According to the estimate of the auction house, the ugly duckling will sell for between 30 thousand and 55 thousand euros. It is not clear why the car is now being auctioned, nor why Mr. H. has not driven it.