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Absolute primeur in finale ‘De mol’: finalisten zien hoofdverdachte vertrekken en blijven radeloos achter

The Ultimate Scoop in the “De mol” Final: Finalists Look …

Which of the four will be eliminated?
Photo: Play4

The last episode before the Grand Final the mole It ended with the absolute first. It turns out all the finalists are suspicious of the same candidate, but he’s just been brought home. So no one knows who a mole is – except, of course, the mole itself.

Philip (52) is definitely not like that. He lost weight on Sunday evening. The marketing teacher was apparently very sorry to have to come home a little bit before the Final, but he was grateful to be able to play for so long.

Philip’s exit will surprise many onlookers, as many have considered him the prime suspect. And the remaining three candidates were also surprised, according to the last photos from the last episode. Their faces spoke in great size: total disorientation. When the three finalists came in front of the camera separately, it became clear why. All three suspect Philip as the mole. So they saw the three moles leaving for the house.

An absolute scoop in the final
Photo: Play4

“Nobody knows who a mole is,” says presenter Gilles de Custer, who talks about a unique position. “Never before have the finalists had to know for themselves who would be the losers in the final. We haven’t tested that yet: so the game continues to surprise us as creators. We are preparing for a very special Final, where the finalists will look at each other more than ever. Because Everything they thought they knew so far is wrong. And they really don’t have much time left to uncover the one true mole mask. “

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