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The United States and Germany agree on Nordstream 2

The United States and Germany have reached an agreement on the Nortstream 2 pipeline, which carries gas from Russia to Europe. According to the White House, Washington has been highly critical of the pipeline because it would undoubtedly increase Russia’s influence in Europe. Germany has promised to punish Russia immediately if the Russians start using gas as political pressure.

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‘Germany has pledged allegiance to the United States,’ says John Postma, an American journalist, and they will push for action within the EU. Apparently it was enough for Joe Biden, but it was a way to get something positive out of the deal for the United States. After all, Nord is almost done, and Python has little more to gain from it. ‘

Previously announced sanctions against German and European companies were gradually lifted. With this agreement, those restrictions have been completely removed. ‘Angela Merkel was at the White House last week, but according to Postma, there is still no time to finalize that deal. However, Biden wants nothing more than to maintain relations with his damaged allies under Trump. Biden wants to reclaim it, which is the maximum attainable for the United States. ‘

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Political intimidation by threatening to shut down a gas pipeline is not new to Russia. Previously, the country stopped supply to neighboring Ukraine, which maintains bad relations with it.

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