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We do not yet know about the election in the United States

We do not yet know about the election in the United States

What do we know now

Now Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is in the lead Regarding the number of election votes. The candidate who wins 270 or more election votes becomes president.

Biden currently operates in California, Washington, Oregon, New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Maryland, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Delaware, Virginia, Illinois, Colorado, Minnesota, Hawaii, and New Mexico. . He is already sure 227 Election votes.

His Republican rival Donald Trump is from Idaho, Florida, Utah, West Virginia, South Carolina, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, South Dakota, South Dakota, And Wyoming. Trump can continue now 213 Count the voters.

We already know the results for 43 states. Of these, 20 will be available for Python and 23 for Trump. In Nebraska, Biden, one of the few states to allocate his electoral votes proportionally, stole 1 voter from Trump. Biden currently holds only 3 of the 4 election votes in Maine.

Florida So, like four years ago, it goes to Trump. The so-called “easy road” to the White House for Biden is no longer possible.

For now, it’s more than Joe Biden 2 million votes More than Donald Trump. Democrats currently have 68.997 million and Republicans 66.725 million.

In a speech, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden called Patience. “It’s not over until every vote is counted.”

Commenting in his own speech, Trump said Democrats To steal in the election. He called to stop counting, and announced he was leaving Supreme Court Pulls.

We do not know

It seems to be coming to swing levels Pennsylvania (20 election votes), Michigan (16), in Wisconsin (10). It is not certain whether we know the results of those states today. Michigan has already announced that it does not expect results before Wednesday evening local time.

Wisconsin At present it seems to be in favor of Biden. With 92 percent of the vote counted, the Democrats are about 20,000 votes ahead of their Republican rival. That late bias is that postal votes are only counted at the end and more Democrats have voted in advance.

• Further Arizona (11 election votes) goes to Biden. He leads with more than 100,000 votes, but that decision is not final yet.

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