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The United States is ready to send warplanes to Ukraine under a trade agreement with Poland

The United States is ready to send warplanes to Ukraine under a trade agreement with Poland

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The United States is investigating a deal to send Soviet-era fighter jets to Poland to Ukraine in exchange for US F-16 fighter jets. Several U.S. media outlets reported the news on Saturday and the news was confirmed by US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen. However, Poland says it has no intention of sending fighters.


“It is not possible to talk about a timetable, but I can only say that we are looking very actively,” Blinken said during his visit to Moldova. Its purpose is to assist Ukraine in its invasion of Russia.

Sounds very different in Warsaw. “Poland will not send its warplanes to Ukraine and will not allow its airports to be used. We will provide substantial assistance in many areas,” the government said on Twitter on Sunday, citing a statement issued by Polish civil servants on Thursday that all Polish MIG-29 fighter jets would then be on their own bases. Announced, and marked with the red and white decal of the Polish Air Force.


Kiev is urging the West to provide military assistance, including aircraft. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Gelensky is particularly keen on Eastern European countries that can supply him with Russian-made aircraft. Ukrainian Air Force pilots can fly with these MIGs, but not with Western F16 aircraft.

Last week, European diplomat Joseph Borel said EU member states were ready to supply warplanes to the Ukrainian military. However, it remained silent on firm distributions. Several Eastern European NATO member states, which have some suitable aircraft, are said to have opposed the supply of warplanes earlier this week.

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Strict restrictions

In a digital exchange with members of the US Congress on Saturday, Ukrainian President Zhelensky called for tougher sanctions against Russia, including a ban on Russian oil and gas imports. As stated in it The Wall Street Journal When Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader in the Senate, asked what he wanted, Zhelensky also asked for warplanes.

The agreement with Poland must be approved by the White House. Members of Congress have already pledged $ 10 billion in aid to Ukraine. Russia currently has no restrictions on energy imports. The White House fears that as a result U.S. consumer prices will rise too fast.