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You will no longer read this if you are rude on Tinder

The popular dating app Tinder offers a new tool: the ‘Are you sure’ feature makes users think twice before using dangerous language. The application claims to use artificial intelligence to identify excess messages.

AI trained with messages that were reported as inappropriate in the past. This feature will continue to improve as additional reports of inappropriate language are followed. According to Tinder, previous experiments with the ‘Are You Sure’ feature reduced the amount of inappropriate language by 10%.

‘It bothers you’

This is not the first feature that Tinder offers to reduce attack content. The ‘It bothers you’ function already exists. It asks if the recipient of a message is embarrassed at certain messages.

The ‘Are You Sure’ feature is already available in the US, Japan, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Ireland. The company hopes to send this tool to other markets in the coming months. So it is not yet clear when this situation will come to Belgium.