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McLaren hires the first female driver

The McLaren Group has revealed that it has signed Emma Gilmore to Extreme E in 2022. The New Zealander will become McLaren’s first female driver.

In the Extreme e Championship, teams must nominate one male and one female driver. He has already shown that Kilmer is appropriate. She was the only woman to win a New Zealand rally. Like former world champion Nico Rosberg, Lewis Hamilton has an Extreme E team.

New Zealand

Gilmore said of the appointment: “I am very proud to be the first female McLaren driver.” After all, Bruce McLaren, the founder of the iconic Formula 1 team, was also a New Zealander. “I grew up in New Zealand and Bruce McLaren is considered one of the pinnacles of motorsport. So next year’s participation in Extreme E with McLaren is a great opportunity,” says Gilmore.

McLaren CEO Zak Brown is pleased to sign Gilmore. “Emma finished our exciting and competitive lineup with Tanner Foster in the first season of our Extreme E,” Brown said. In addition, he makes a note of the founder of the team. “Our first female driver came from New Zealand, and it’s appropriate where our founder Bruce McLaren came from,” Brown concluded.

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