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The United States sold more than 185,000 btc

The United States holds a significant share of Bitcoin and other digital assets. They will be seized by various intelligence agencies and auctioned off after sentencing. The US Marshals Service, the responsible service, already has 185,000 BTC from 2014 to the middle of this year. Auctioned.

Bitcoin from the state

When investigating crimes, US law enforcement agencies around the world increasingly encounter bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Sometimes large sums of money, as part of a crime committed, such as a ransom.

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At other times, a bitcoin wallet is one of the suspect’s assets. After a penalty, seized bitcoins are often auctioned off. The US Marshalls Service (USMS) is responsible for the sale of cryptocurrencies.

In the meantime, the US government can HODL Bitcoin without knowing it. like this Announced In November, the U.S. Attorney’s Office claimed to have seized about $ 56 million in cryptocurrencies from Glenn Arcaro, who said he was “no.

Until then, the government will be storing bitcoins with outsiders. they Police Service Bank has hired Anchorage Digital, the first US cryptocurrency licensed bank. Following the penalty, USMS, along with Anchorage, will auction off the cryptocurrency from BitConnect, and its proceeds will go to fraud victims. Victims can lodge a complaint through the form.

In other cases, the U.S. government holds the proceeds from the auction of cryptocurrencies and other commodities. The money is deposited in one of two special funds for seized property, the Treasury Confiscation Fund or the Judicial Assets Confiscation Fund. Two-thirds of these funds are now filled with crypto income. Various services and ministries or politicians may call on these funds to fund projects or activities.

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Compulsory adoption

Diego Monica, co-founder of Anchorage Digital Sees Forced adoption is a chain reaction.

“It simply came to our notice then. For every company that enters crypto, buys bitcoin or participates in bitcoin, many other companies are forced to deal with crypto.

This applies to companies, but also to criminals who force the government to deal with crypto.

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