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The Weeknd cancels concerts at Sportpaleis, CEO appears...

The Weeknd cancels concerts at Sportpaleis, CEO appears…

The Weeknd has canceled her Antwerp Sportpaleis concerts on September 28-29, 2022. The Canadian pop star announced on Twitter that the full “After Hours” tour has been postponed and will begin in the summer of 2022. Sportpaleis, get his money back. Jan van Esbroek, CEO of Sportpaleis, thinks the cancellation is unfortunate. “But on the other hand, this also pleases the musician.”

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“Because of the restrictions on concert halls and the demand for more shows, I want to do something bigger and more special,” The Weeknd said on Twitter. Tickets are automatically redeemed and priority is given to those who already have a ticket when selling new concerts.

The new world tour begins in the summer of 2022, but at the moment it is not known if he will visit Belgium. “Everyone who bought a ticket has now received a personal email and will get their entry fee back,” says CEO Jan van Esbroek of Sportpaleis. “If there is another concert and ticket sales are done through us – which is not always the case – then a system can be developed that prioritizes those who already have a ticket.”


The cancellation is upsetting for Sportpaleis, but Van Esbroeck understands the decision, too. The planned tour revolves around the music he wrote two years ago. In the meantime, he has developed as a musician, has written new music again and it is likely that a new album will be released soon. To his credit, he tells his fans, “You didn’t pay for it, rate me on my new music, and then decide if you still want to buy a ticket.”

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Abel Makonnen Tesfaye of Toronto, Canada, The Weeknd, 31, signed his first record deal in 2012. Since then, the 31-year-old has become one of the biggest pop stars in the world. His unique voice is typical, which reminds us of Michael Jackson and Prince. His latest album, After Hours from 2020, was a smash hit, with “Blinding Lights” the biggest worldwide hit.