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A cross between Zeta Waters, Walter Grotters, and Shaw...

A cross between Zeta Waters, Walter Grotters, and Shaw…

Tonight’s winner:

Radio presenter Dorian Osimus. With a video of Britney Spears finding all five keywords, she struggled to win.


Model Cesar Casier had to surrender in the final match against singer and actor Niels Destadsbader. He knew four car brands that were often stolen in Belgium, and that was enough.

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Tomorrow’s newcomer:

Content creator, actress and comedian Wiam, aka WiamWiamWiam already has a name on social media.

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This is what the crossing of Zeta Waters and Walter Grotters looks like. © SBS

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Best quotes:

Judge James CookOn how he learned French:This is exactly employment What do you have what they are what. Say it out loud. And again if you don’t hear the sound of dawn right away.


Eric Van Lowe: “I speak five languages.”

Judge Mark Marie Hoygbrigets: “Which?”

Van Loi: “Dutch anyway…”

James Cook: “Oh yeah? Do it.”


Eric Van Lowe: “I auditioned for my hall show, and there were 321 laughs.”


James Cook: “Of course, there has been no laughter in residential care centers for a long time.”

The most beautiful moment:

It seems that Niels Destadsbader and Cesar Casier have known each other for a long time. They were in class together, at the Academy of Arts in Ghent. This was immediately the reason for the search for a beautiful portrait of young people.

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Also note: Herman Brusselmans who came to sing a song hidden under a gigantic Erik Van Looy mask, and Zita Wauters who somehow spookily transformed their physical counterpart Walter Grootaers using an app. That will be volatile tonight and the next nights. And whether Mark Marie Hoygbrigts had actually washed his face with his urine for a while, until he saw the flies circling about a week later, it is hoped it will always remain a well-kept secret.