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The Wonderful World of Stealth: Overtime Patch |  Jupiler Pro League

The Wonderful World of Stealth: Overtime Patch | Jupiler Pro League

Al Ittihad’s 2-2 goal was really right.

Yesterday in extra time, I expressed my surprise at the fact that the goal was not disallowed: Nieuwkoop (at the moment Mituma touches the ball) stood with his left foot about forty centimeters above the goal line.

The goalkeeper circles in the goal, and the last defender is directly in front of the goal line, but his shoulder can be at the same level as the goal line. I assumed Nieuwkoop was offside, because there were no two people in front of him when Mitoma touched the ball.

However! Nieuwkoop is put on the line because of his position, and the part of his body he crossed doesn’t count (that was the blind spot, I assumed that was the case, I assumed the rules were some form of logic).

Since it cannot be said with certainty that the defender’s shoulder is located an inch from the goal line or only on the goal line, the decision of the assistant referee and the VAR is correct – not to intervene due to reasonable doubt. The latter also deserves to be commended for the speed with which the image search and decision were taken.

When she thought VAR was wrong, she called it impersonal: “VAR wrong.” Now that I know VAR was right, I’m happy to pay tribute to the person behind the photo: Wesli De Cremer.

greeting. And most importantly, excuse me!