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Extra time about Dury: "When everything cools off, fans should make him a tifo" |  extra time

Extra time about Dury: “When everything cools off, fans should make him a tifo” | extra time

It was a great scenario in overtime: Zolt Varegem turned his 1-2 deficit against KV Mechelen into a victory. Note Verheen changed this transformation as well. “It makes a huge difference to Isefi given the situation they were in,” he said.

“It’s a huge boost and they’ve been great goals, but you also think of Frankie Dory, who’s at home. He deserves nothing but respect for what he’s achieved in his career.”

Now Timmy Simons is the coach of Zulte Waregem. “He will never forget that this was his first match for T1. That’s great for him.”

“But I don’t think it has anything to do with the coach. Luck in that
He wasn’t there in the last few weeks, he’s there now.”

“Has Dory been sitting at home for too long?” Verheen asked. “He always worked, usually at Essevee. Don’t forget, he had to start from there almost every year with a new kit. The material the player got has been of lower quality in recent years.”

With some photos from the old chest, the merits of Dury are once again emphasized. “The cup, actually, but he also almost won the title, hey. Because of a free kick that veered, Isefi got it wrong. That’s also (not) luck.”

Vandenbempt captures. “It’s really tragic the way the fans have been treated in the last few weeks. I understand because the results have been lower, but they need to realize that Isefi has already been playing beyond his means for a long time. They have made POI five times. Still waiting and seeing if he The next coach(s) will be approaching.”

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“When everything calms down, there should be a big tipho for Francky Dury in a home game. Then they can say goodbye in peace.”