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The world-famous chef "Salt Bay" is under fire after his reunion with his mother: "Button this shirt"

The world-famous chef “Salt Bay” is under fire after his reunion with his mother: “Button this shirt”

Nusrat Gökçe, better known by her nickname “Salt Bay” Chef, has been criticized on social media. The reason is a video of a meeting with his mother, whom he has not seen for two years.

source: daily mail

The 38-year-old “Salt Bae” is the man behind the Nusr-Et steakhouse chain, and he became world famous several years ago when a video went viral for his unusual way of seasoning steaks. The Turkish-born chef now owns more than 15 restaurants around the world and is said to be worth over €50 million.

On Sunday, he posted pictures on Instagram of a meeting with his mother. He writes, “I saw my mom come back after two years.” Although the photos – which have since been viewed nearly six million times – suggest a warm reunion, Salt Bae’s movie still received plenty of criticism on social media. Especially the modest house in which his mother lives, bothers many. “You have a lot of money, why doesn’t your mother live in a beautiful mansion?” Or: “You’re rich now. Why don’t you buy your mother a new house?”

His choice of clothes was also not to everyone’s taste. Several Instagrammers wrote: “You visit your mother, take off your sunglasses.” “Button this shirt.”

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