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This movie is the #1 Disney+ hit!

This movie is the #1 Disney+ hit!

Disney+ has revealed which movie is currently number one on the streaming service. It is about this Ron gone wrong, a title that few might have thought would headline this movie.

Ron gone wrong Produced by 20th Century Animation, but now owned by Disney. The story revolves around a small robot called B-Bot, designed to help people and make friends.

Lonely Barley gets a B-Bot, but it’s unfortunately broken and not working as it should, turning Barley’s life upside down. However, the two are getting closer and they seem to have become close friends.

Ron gone wrong He has a recognizable voice. For example, famous actors like Jack Dylan GrazerAnd Ed HelmsAnd Olivia Colman in a Zach Galifianakis to hear him.

The animated film was well received by film critics and audiences alike. Regardless of the fact that Ron gone wrong The film was rated strongly on sites such as Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb, but failed to impress the film at the box office.

This is mainly because the movie came out at the same time as the show Denis Villeneuveturnout DuneAs a result, the animated film did not receive much attention. Ron gone wrong It also “only” brought in about $60 million, so it probably didn’t recover its budget.

Disney +
Thankfully, the movie has now got a second chance at Disney+ and it’s turned out really well so far! The movie was only shown for a week on the streaming giant, but it took the number one spot in just two days, thus higher than the Marvel movie Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings And Christmas classics like Home Alone in a Santa Clause.

If you missed the movie, it might still be worth watching!

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