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The world’s largest painting earns $ 62 million | Now

The world’s largest painting has been auctioned in Dubai for $ 62 million (approximately மில்லியன் 52 million), the auction organizer announced on Tuesday. It is the work of British painter Sacha Jaffrey.

The journey of humanityThe so-called work consists of seventy areas and an area of ​​1,595.76 square meters, covering an area of ​​approximately four basketball courts.

According to auction organizers, $ 62 million in revenue is more than double what was previously expected. Proceeds will go to charities that help children.

Andre Abbott, a Frenchman living in Dubai, bought seventy acres at an auction at the Atlantis The Palm Resort on Monday. The work was on display in the ballroom of a luxury hotel. Initially it was thought that the painting would be sold in parts.

“The painting was so powerful when I saw it, that in my view it would have been wrong to separate those parts,” said Uptown, a cryptocurrency company owner and former stockbroker.

Artist Geoffrey first hoped to raise $ 39 million for health initiatives, plumbing and education projects for children in poorer parts of the world. Children from 140 countries contributed to the largest painting online.

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