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DJI: US customers can continue to use drones despite trade-offs – audio and video – messages

DJI drones are currently on sale in the United States, despite a trade ban. This is what the manufacturer says in response to being featured on the American ‘NDT List’. Users can continue to use drones.

DJI says in response to TechCrunch That nothing has changed so far. “US customers continue to buy and use drones.” DJI says it is committed to building drones and is disappointed with the US government’s decision to ban trade with US companies. Will be added to that DJI blocklist, Announced on Friday.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. U.S. retailers will no longer be allowed to buy drones from the DJI, so it is obvious that they can no longer sell once the shares are exhausted. In addition, US suppliers will not be allowed to supply parts to DJI.

The drone manufacturer has been blacklisted for leading to large-scale human rights abuses in China. Says a team from the U.S. Department of Commerce. According to the panel, this is about high-tech monitoring. The ministry did not elaborate on how it could have happened. Chip maker SMIC is now on the list.

The Company List is a list of individuals and companies whose companies and companies using American technology are prohibited from trading. One and a half years ago, Huawei was added to that list, which means that Google services are no longer allowed on Android smartphones.

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