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Then a permit for the new Droomboomschool in Laeken

Then a permit for the new Droomboomschool in Laeken

De Droomboom in Laeken will have a new campus and a significant increase in the number of students and teachers. The Council of State followed the neighborhood committee Quartier Uniek in its reasoning that the City of Brussels had proposed inadequate solutions for parking and mobility.

This problem was resolved after three months, according to the office of Foreign Minister Ans Persons ( “The State Council had a problem navigating when it came to stimulus. Now that stimulus has been expanded.”

“allow carousel”

“While one permit was withdrawn, a new permit was approved at the same time,” says company spokesman Nils Quinteleer. Such a maneuver is rare but more common. In the run-up to the construction of the Dox Shopping Centre, the opposition parties at the time called it the “Declaration Circle”.

The new statement includes criticism from the State Council. “The old permit no longer exists,” Quintellier says. This also means that the permit for which a revocation was being made has been withdrawn. If anyone wants to file an appeal against the project in the future, they should start from the beginning. “In this case, the State Council will rule again, but we expect that the problem has been resolved now because the logic has improved,” he added.

“A lot of money is wasted”

Frederic Dunsch, of the Quartier Unique neighborhood committee, which appealed to the Council of State, expressed his regret that he had not yet been informed of the decision. “We are in the middle of the cancellation process,” he says. After the suspension, he also wanted the permit revoked. In mid-May he received a lengthy legal report from the Brussels government. “These steps cost the city of Brussels, the region and us a lot of money.”

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Donche regrets that the neighborhood committee was unable to develop solutions with the city of Brussels. “These public and private costs could have been avoided.”

“The school is in dire need”

“A permit has been issued, and we are very happy about it,” answers Education Board member Agnes Maes (, who does not wish to comment on the content of the permit procedure. “We in the city are ready: students and contractors are also ready. From the moment we receive the official message, we can take the necessary measures.”

“This decision was extremely urgent, as students are currently housed in buildings that no longer meet modern standards,” Mace concludes.