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Meta will not train AI models on data from Europeans at this time – IT Pro – News

Meta is halting its plans to train its AI models on data from European users. The company decides this after discussions with the Irish privacy regulator Data Protection Commission.

Meta notified Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp users at the end of May of a new privacy policy that was supposed to become active on June 26. It states that Meta will also use data from the Europeans to train its AI models. This specifically relates to visual data from users, such as posts and comments. Meta is already doing this in other countries, but not yet in Europe due to stricter privacy rules.

After the plans were announced, the privacy foundation noyb filed complaints with eleven European privacy supervisors, she wrote Reuters. This applies to more supervisors in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. noyb also contacted the Irish privacy regulator DPC – which is responsible for overseeing Meta in Europe, as Meta is headquartered in Ireland.

dbc Let me know now It had extensive communications with Meta, after which the company chose to pause its plans. The DPC also says it will continue to discuss the topic with Meta, along with other European privacy regulators.

Meta itself says the decision follows a request from the DPC to pause the plans. The company says it is disappointed by this request, “particularly since we took the regulators’ comments into account and had already informed the European regulators in March.” It has not been announced how long the plans will be paused.

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