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Then not using plexi screens when reopening the stands: what's the problem with plexis?

Then not using plexi screens when reopening the stands: what’s the problem with plexis?

The problem is the distinction between large and small drops. Large droplets are stopped by the walls of the plexi, but small droplets – the so-called aerosols – are not, because they form a cloud in the air.

“This aerosol is not really a problem outside, because you are sitting there with good ventilation,” says virologist Stephen van Gucht. “A good plexi – which is high and wide enough – can be done safely there by itself. It only becomes different if you cover your porch and inspect it completely, this ventilation is less. You can also prevent tables much shorter. Put them together.”

And then, of course, there will be more people on the balcony with the necessary consequences. “The more people on the terrace, the more people cross each other to go to the toilet, and the less traffic they have to move around, for example. And then it can get crowded. The same is for the people who take care of the service. Moving between more and more Persons. Therefore, Deputy Prime Minister Van Quickenborn stresses that “the 1.5-meter rule must be respected”.

Watch virologist Stephen van Gucht’s explanation in “Het Journaal” here.

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