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Theon: "I thought I deserved the pick, but the team needed something extra" |  Journey

Theon: “I thought I deserved the pick, but the team needed something extra” | Journey

Edward Theon was not on Trek-Segafredo’s list for the tour. This changed his strong performance in the Belgian championship on Sunday. Comfort for the passenger: “I was afraid I’d fall out of the boat.”

It was hanging by a thread, but Edward Theon will be making an appearance on French roads in the coming weeks. “I was afraid I’d fall on the side of the road,” Theon says. “I think they got me on board with my Sunday performance.”

“I ride a Belgian championship anyway and have a lot of motivation. Every year I go for the title, so it doesn’t feel like choosing a Tour gave me extra motivation.”

“I thought I had been riding really well the previous weeks and I knew my level was good,” Theon continues. “Personally, I thought I deserved the pick, but the team still needed that extra.”

The Belgian Championship was the deciding factor for the 30-year-old rider. “The team management was very satisfied. When I got very close to Wout Van Aert, not least, they saw that I was in very good shape.”

I’m expecting a bootstrap role. Regardless, I wish some freedom in the early flight.

Edward Thins

The tour is just around the corner, and Theon still has to pack his bags. Is the Belgian ready? “I already studied the course because I was busy preparing for the tour,” he asserts.

He’s realistic about what role “Theunix” will play in the coming weeks. “I’m expecting a role on the preliminary round for Mads Pedersen. Regardless, I hope to get some freedom on the early ride now and then.”

“Bauke Mollema would be our choice in the classification, in addition, we have a lot of riders who can compete for stage wins. One does not rule out the other. With Jasper Stuyven in great shape, we can aspire to win a stage.”

“Great respect to Cavendish on and off the bike”

Earlier this week, Mark Cavendish also received the news that he was allowed to go to the tour. “Mark is someone I respect a lot. On the one hand for his athletic performance, but also as a person.”

He says, “When I broke my back on the Tour, he came cycling next to me after my recovery and said, ‘I’m so glad you’re back on the set! “…these are things that you like.” theuns.

Can he surprise the British with a phased victory? “Never say never. A lot of people thought he’d never win a race again, but he still does in the Tour of Turkey and the Tour of Belgium.”

Whether my teammates agree with my music choices is another story…

Edward Thins

His colleagues will know that Edward Theon is going to the tour. Our compatriot is known as the maker of the team’s atmosphere.

“I pick music regularly on the team bus. Whether my teammates agree with my choices or not is another story,” laughs Theon.

“My music tastes are quite diverse depending on my mood. It also helps to encourage each other while riding and maintain the atmosphere in the team.”

Atmospheric Maker Theuns in action:

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