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US lab test finds no trace of tuna in Subway tuna sandwiches |  abroad

US lab test finds no trace of tuna in Subway tuna sandwiches | abroad

American fast food chain Subway — also the world’s largest sandwich shop — became embroiled in a lawsuit after two California customers claimed there was no tuna in their tuna sandwiches at all. Subway denied it. However, a recent lab test failed to find tuna in sandwiches. This is what the New York Times writes.

In January, two disgruntled Subway clients filed a lawsuit. their claim? There will be absolutely no tuna in “tuna sandwiches”. Instead, it will be made from “drinks” or “different ingredients mixed together”.

The lawsuit relates to the country in which the New York Times decided to investigate itself. A journalist ordered six-foot-long tuna rolls from several Los Angeles Subway stores and collected the items that were handed out for sandwiches. I sent that to the lab.

DNA Research

The lab ran some tests and searched hard for any trace of DNA from the tuna. Without avail. “The ingredients were so heavily processed that we couldn’t identify anything,” the researchers said. “And if we can identify anything, it wasn’t tuna.”

Or is this just the fault of the fast food chain? According to experts, not necessarily: “They also buy a can of tuna with the word “tuna” written on it. If there is fraud, then this is the fault of the canning manufacturer.


This isn’t the first time Subway has had to deal with some controversy. Last year, Ireland’s Supreme Court had already ruled that the American fast food chain’s sandwiches should not be considered sandwiches. It will contain a lot of sugar for it.

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