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There is an Android phone with a Lightning port

There is an Android phone with a Lightning port

While almost all smartphones charge via USB-C, there is one brand that will always be stubborn: Apple. If you want to charge your iPhone, you need Apple’s own Lightning cable, as it perfectly connects to the lightning port. Android phones didn’t have such a port before, but that’s about to change. At least for one phone.

Android with lightning port

There was an enthusiast who built a Lightning port into an Android phone. Not only visually, because you can actually charge the phone with it. Previously he did it the other way around: then he built a file USB-C . port in iPhone. It’s about Kenny Pillonel, an engineer who wanted to show what USB-C would look like in an iPhone and what the Lightning port in an Android phone would look like.

It probably wasn’t easy at all to do this, especially because he used a fairly recent device: the Samsung Galaxy A51. In a video made by the Swiss smart guy, he called it – perhaps quite correctly – the world’s first Android phone with a Lightning port. The fact that he wrote “This Is It” seems to indicate that it was not an easy process.

USB standard

He also points out in the same video that his Android phone is a masterpiece. Although it seemed like it was easier than adding USB-C to the iPhone. against Engadget He said, “The first reason is that I get better at it because I learn new things every day, so I hope I can finish these edits faster and faster. The second reason is that the quality of the final product is nowhere near what it was before the iPhone.”

The video in which he shows how he did it has yet to be posted online, but the chances of you imitating the best man are probably slim. After all, what do you want with an Android phone that works with an Apple port? You’re better off with the more universal USB-C standard, which is also found in almost all smart home gadgets. Still, it’s quite a feat from Kenny, even if this crossover seems a little weird. In addition, the European Union also prefers USB-C . Standard for all tools.

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