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Google Translate just got a little better in combination with Gboard

Google Translate just got a little better in combination with Gboard

Google Translate is often a lifesaver, which can also save you expensive translation costs, although sometimes you have to be careful that Google understands the context. The tool has improved quite a bit now, or in fact Gboard has improved a lot, because it can automatically switch the language of Gboard when it sees that you are translating something.

Gboard virtual keyboard

Being able to familiarize yourself with doing the translation ensures that you no longer have to switch from your phone’s standard keyboard, which – especially if you don’t do it often – takes some effort to find in Android menus.

New update from google translator Adds the ability for Gboard on Android to automatically change the language when entering text in a language other than the default language. Let’s say Dutch is your preferred Gboard language: if you select something from Arabic in Google Translate in the “Translate From” language, Gboard will automatically switch to the Arabic keyboard as soon as you open the text field to start typing.

google translator

If you then select another language gboard It automatically changes to that language. Don’t worry, you won’t have to type in Arabic or Japanese for the rest of your life: once you turn off the subtitle screen. It will return to your default language. In the past, you had to navigate to the globe to the left of the space bar or even in the entire Gboard settings. This is no longer necessary.

You need the new version of Google Translate for this, i.e. version 6.33 along with the stable version of Gboard. By the way, do not be shocked when you see the new Google Translate, because recently Material You restyle has appeared for non-Pixel smartphones. However, there is still a lot to be desired, because with the announcement of the Pixel 6, Google has blown up really hard about live translation and we haven’t seen much of that just yet.

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