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There is no hand of God with VAR

During the summer of the game, Rick Vaughn oversees what is happening on the Puambrock arena and beyond.

There are two games left, and then Euro 2020 is over. However, 2021 has not yet begun. The 2020 Summer Games are still in Tokyo. But analyzes already exist. After Belgium-Portugal, the newsreader said it was a ‘deserving and difficult victory’, you can read on the same channel after Italy was removed Belgium survived in Portugal 1/8You Finals. Everything is possible, but not everything is possible.

It is so beautiful to re-think the wonderful goals and survive in the memory gems of Shik, Bokpa and Insine. There can be debate about that though, but that’s what makes football beautiful. The fact that there is no longer any doubt that the goals are valid makes history miserable. Remember Wembley’s goal, 1966. Did Jeff Hurst’s ball cross the boundary and England qualify for the World Championship? Oxford computer experts decided not to after 29 years, but not so much time for VAR. If Maradona had announced that he had missed God’s hand at the 1986 World Cup, wouldn’t we have missed it?

‘Target!’ Keert de Vries’ book on ‘More than 100 memorable European and World Cup goals’. He recalled the goal of the late Ludo Coke during the qualifying match between Belgium and GDR and quotes journalist Bob Debs: ‘When Coke suddenly fired a shot from a distance of 35 meters, it looked like a space shuttle was being launched into Cape Canaveral.’ This statue has been on sports weekends for many years. We are coming to the 2018 Nasir Chatley against Japan. Thanks again, Nasser. Horst Hrubech in 1980 (‘With his fat head’, said Eric Gerretz) Make sure West Germany, not Belgium, becomes the European champion.

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In the 1982 World Cup final between Italy and West Germany you will read about Marco Tortelli’s first Panenka penalty kick and Antonon Panenka’s penalty kick (Marco Tortelli’s delight (search his eyes on YouTube). You see the story of the last Muslim woman shot dead in New Zealand in Cameroon in 2019.

Is there a more beautiful goal? This has not been done yet. One could try to improve on the semi-finals of the 1970 World Cup between Italy and West Germany tonight or in the final. After 8 minutes it was 1-0 for Italy. Schellinger equalized at the last minute. Extensions. 1-2, 2-2, 3-2, 3-3 and 111: 4-3 in the minute. A goal by Gianni Rivera. ‘In short, the competition of the century? ‘, DeVriese writes. “Rather an extension of the century.”

A new century has begun. It may be again. And turn off the VAR.