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These are 5 articles you shouldn't miss today

These are 5 articles you shouldn’t miss today

1. “We underestimated IT problems”: Why Telenet is seeing more and more customers leaving

The Telenet logo is still a smiley face, but it is gradually turning into a very sad smiley. A year after the telecom provider switched to a new digital management system, the problems are still piling up. “Name and shame, that’s all you can do as an agent.”

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Photo by Peter Hills

2. “Putin can also provoke NATO member states militarily”: Will the alliance between Russia and Iran be a game-changer?

Intense military cooperation between Russia and Iran could have far-reaching consequences. “If Putin thinks he is strong enough, he is able to provoke European NATO members militarily as well,” warned former Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin in an interview with the British newspaper The Sun. the morning.

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Blank image via Reuters

Image via Reuters

3. Who will beat favorite Juga Bowl? The finalists of the “Smartest Person” competition were evaluated.

It almost happened: eight more episodes and the twenty-first season of The Smartest Person in the World is over. Ten candidates are still competing for the certificate. the morning Weigh their chances.

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Free image Play4/RV

Play4/RV image

4. From margheritas to controversial Hawaiian pizza: 7 pizza recipes to die for

Pizza dough is the perfect canvas to unleash your inner pollock. But before you combine colors and flavors to your heart’s content, Cooking with De Morgen recommends seven delicious flavor palettes for inspiration.

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The picture is direct

5. “Wonka” is (unexpectedly) the perfect year-end movie for the whole family ★★★★☆

Paddington-Director Paul King quickly jumps from marmalade to chocolate. Wonka It’s a brilliant and brilliant premise, with a generous filling of new ideas, charming performances and fun jokes. The perfect end-of-year film for the whole family.

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null Image Jaap Buitendijk

Photo by Jaap Buitendijk

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