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These are the best places for 2022 |  To travel

These are the best places for 2022 | To travel

When compiling the list, this year was mainly focused on sustainability. For example, we looked at places where as a traveler you can enjoy a consistent and responsible vacation. Naturally, the ‘wow factor’ of the destination was taken into account.

Lonely Planets has drawn up a 2022 list of the best in travel based on the recommendations of travel experts. Number one Where to stay By 2022 the tropical Cook Islands in the South Pacific Ocean will be northeast of New Zealand.

The Cook Islands archipelago is famous for its so-called ‘environmental efforts’, including the Murray Mona, the world’s largest protected marine reserve. As a traveler you can enjoy different landscapes and culinary delights.

Second on the list is Norway, known for its impressive glaciers. Hotel Swart will open here next year, especially with a capacity of 99 rooms with 85 rooms using 85% less energy than other hotels. Swart is being built in Hollandsfjordan.

Mauritius ranks 3rd on the list, having recently reopened its dream destination for international travelers.

According to the Lonely Planet, these ten countries are worth visiting:

1) Cook Islands

2) Norway

3) Mauritius

4) Belize

5) Slovenia

6) There

7) Oman

8) Nepal

9) Malawi

10) Egypt

Top 10 cities

The Lonely Planet also explored which cities you should not miss in 2022. The top 10 looks like this:

1) Auckland, New Zealand

2) Taipei, Taiwan

3) Freiburg, Germany

4) Atlanta, USA

5) Lagos, Nigeria

6) Lefkosia, Cyprus

7) Dublin, Ireland

8) Merida, Mexico

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9) Florence, Italy

10) Gyeongju, South Korea

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