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These students traveled to space virtually: “The landing was a bit scary” |  your suppliers

These students traveled to space virtually: “The landing was a bit scary” | your suppliers

Mordijk – “Not usually pretty,” students from Group 7/8 at De Claverhoek Elementary School in Moerdijk shouted as they emerged from the SpaceBuzz parked in front of their school on Friday morning.

They imagined themselves as astronauts on a fifteen-minute space mission on the fifteen-meter bus, disguised as a rocket craft. Astronaut André Kuipers was their default captain. Kuipers is the co-initiator and ambassador for SpaceBuzz, XR (extended realityAn educational program for pupils of groups 7 and 8 in primary school.


“The ultimate goal is to make as many children as possible ambassadors for our Earth,” says mission specialist Beau of the SpaceBuzz. She tours with SpaceBuzz all over the Netherlands and guides students on a virtual space journey.

Aboard SpaceBuzz 01, two of them are currently in circulation in the Netherlands, Moerdijk students, sitting in a real astronaut’s chair with virtual reality (VR) goggles, experiencing the Earth and seeing it through the eyes of an astronaut. “It’s not real. That was really cool,” Jesse and Levi said as they took off their glasses. “We also want to be astronauts,” it sounds determined.


It’s just real. This was very cool. We also want to be astronauts

Jesse in Levi

dangerous >> adjective

Classmates Chris, Filin, Megan, Escher and Devrim don’t have this dream. “This profession threatens his life,” Chris says, but he was nevertheless impressed by everything he saw.

“I thought Earth was more beautiful than space,” Filin says. “And the aurora borealis were beautiful, too.” Everyone agrees with that.

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Escher says he is surprised that the sun is not yellow at all, but white. “And I thought it’s really cool to go through the atmosphere, it looks like it’s burning.”


The space flight began with a real launch, and ended with a landing on Earth. “I thought the landing was a little scary,” Megan says. “It looked like we were about to fall apart, but thankfully it turned out to be a very nice touch.”

Group 7/8 teachers are also excited about the SpaceBuzz program. “It is very intense, because there is a lot of teaching material,” they say. ,, but the students enjoy doing this so much that every extra fifteen minutes we have left in class is spent at SpaceBuzz. So at the request of the students, that’s enough.”