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Keperenberg's website for the future is taking shape

Keperenberg’s website for the future is taking shape

The new plan for the entire Keperenberg site, the so-called master plan, is ready. Works have already started in August of this year to demolish the gym and will be completed in phases.

new motivation

The Keperenberg site – located between Keperenbergstraat, Itterbeeksebaan and Sackweg – was developed about forty years ago and is no longer suitable for today’s needs. The board wanted to transform the site into a space where living together would give a new impetus and a new face, in collaboration with the citizen. This is why I started a citizen engagement process a few years ago in order to get a clear view of what they consider important to the Keperenberg site. Four spearheads emerged from this sharing process: (1) a village feel, (2) space for all, (3) accessibility, and (4) sustainability. These four axes form the guiding principle of the master plan.

With all this information, the architectural firm Atelier MA + P got down to business. The master plan for the site became an integrated story of luxury, sports, education, public space and culture.

“With the Keperenberg Master Plan, the Board of Directors is focusing on the optimum and efficient use of the site for a variety of activities,” says Anneleen Van den Houte, a local recreation board member. You meet each other in good health and live together. “

The master plan emphasizes the green environment and groups the buildings around two parks and a meeting space:

  • (1) Around the so-called “lower garden” (south) you will find the neighborhood restaurant with panoramic views of the valley, outdoor sports fields, multi-purpose meeting rooms for associations, and the local service center.
  • (2) Around the so-called “Upper Garden” (North) you will find the Residential Care Centre, Assisted Living Apartments, Day Care Center and the OCMW Administration Building. The ‘Upper Garden’ and the ‘Lower Garden’ are connected by an elevator and roads are slightly inclined so that users of roads with less traffic can move around easily.
  • (3) In the east there is space for a green meeting space with parking, a school, a playground, a nursery, and a new recreation building (including a youth center and tennis hall).
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The entire range is connected via walking and biking trails and is accessible to people with less mobility and prams. There are plenty of rest areas and lovely viewpoints, as well as play equipment for the very little ones.

service continuity

The master plan will now continue to be developed through several sub-projects. Each of these subprojects has its own course, consultation and stages. Essential: Each subproject will ensure continuity of existing users, associations or services
to guard

Between 2021-2025 we will start first with:

  • Temporary housing for Zumar Youth Center;
  • Expansion of the nursery in the old school.
  • Construction of a residential care center (care homes);
  • construction of sports and recreation infrastructure (including a youth center and a tennis hall);
  • Study of public space and mobility.

Family atmosphere for the residents of Dar Al Raha

The Breugheldal Residential Care Center has selected a new care organization with compact homes, each of which can accommodate eight residents.

“With this form of living, the so-called ‘small normal’, the master plan responds to current trends and the needs of residents in comfort homes. We have already informed our residents about this new form of living. In the coming months, a process will begin to design and furnish the homes. And of course it will be Inform residents and their families of the accurate, step-by-step business plan,” explains Walter Zelderlo, an alderman at
well-being please.

Share use

The new sports-entertainment building will have three floors where the various functions will be “stacked”:

  • At the meeting space level (ground floor) you can find a cafeteria with terrace, a youth center and multi-purpose rooms.
  • On the first floor (+1) there is a competition sports floor with a grandstand.
  • Below (-1) are the changing rooms, sanitary facilities, technical room and storage room.
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Combined use is encouraged where possible. For example, the tennis club cafeteria is integrated into the general cafeteria of the leisure building.

On the website you will find more information about the master plan, the presentation to the neighborhood on Thursday evening 25 November and the latest update on the further development of the business.