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These unmarried men will soon show their best seduction skills on ‘Island of Seduction: Love or Leave’ |  television

These unmarried men will soon show their best seduction skills on ‘Island of Seduction: Love or Leave’ | television

televisiondistance Spouses’ names The previously released Play5 also introduced male singles for the all-new season of the renewed ‘Temptation Island’. No more gratuitous nonsense by the way, because in the “love or leave” version, the twelve really single men are looking for a relationship and hoping to form a deeper relationship with one of the partners in couples. We would like to introduce you guys.

Light (26) by Dest

The Conqueror. © Play5

Uber Fatih is a confident and casual bad boy of Turkish descent, and has sometimes been compared to Tarzan due to his southern appearance, build, and long hair. This social boy is looking for an ambitious woman, but he hates drama queens. He loves soccer, fitness and going out at night.

Valentino (30) from MassMichelin


Valentino. © Play5

Valentino has Italian roots and is fond of coffee. So he runs a coffee shop. Playtime is over for Valentino: After a few short relationships, he’s now looking for a woman he can settle down with, and the kids fit into that picture too. This Bon Vivant is also a true Burgundy and is looking for someone to share his love of delicious meals with.

Kevin (25) from Ninove


Kevin. © Play5

Kevin works as a taxi driver and also hosts a nightclub. This positive love loves fitness and has a passion for cars. As single, he enjoys a single life, but is also open to a relationship. It is important for Kevin to have a click: he is looking for a straight lady who appreciates open communication. He also prefers that the woman of his dreams is a bit “elusive”, and is a perfect candidate for “Island of Temptation: Love or Leave.”

Maxim (24) from Ostacare


Maxim. © Play5

Maxim is an ambitious magician: loves sports, good food and travel. This “smooth speaker” works as a sales manager and has never suffered from a “broken heart”. When there is a click, it just goes to it. This spontaneous boy is looking for a sociable, confident and ambitious woman with a big heart for animals.

Jimmy (25 years old) from Persil


Jimmy. © Play5

Jimmy is a fun social boy, but he is also an extrovert. He works as a freelance illustrator and is passionate about motocross. Romantic too, in search of true love: After a long relationship, Jamie was single for a while, but now he wants to change that. On “Island of Experience: Love or Leaving,” he searches for true love. This spontaneous and honest boy is drawn to exotic and caring types.

Yannick (24) from Brecht


Yannick. © Play5

Yannick works as a self-employed person in the transportation business but is also a passionate DJ. Always well-meaning, honest and funny. He knows what he wants: Yannick is looking for the woman he wants to marry and who knows, he may find the future mother of his children on the “Island of Temptation”. This everyone’s friend is not looking for a short relationship, he believes in love at first sight but is very picky. He loves fun and athletic blondes.

These are the Dutch seducers:

Nils (25)

Cheerful and ambitious, 25-year-old Nils had been single for eight months. He loves confident and reliable women and finds the inner relationship more important than appearance. Niels would like to be a father before he turns 30 and hopes to meet the woman of his life during “Island of Temptation: Love or Leave”.



Serio (29)

The social and friendly Serayo has been single for three years and is looking for a nice relationship. He’s learned in recent years that it’s not just about looks and that it’s so important to get to know someone honestly. He loves nurturing women and adventure and believes that “Island of Temptation: Love or Leave” is the perfect place to meet this woman.



William (30)

The 30-year-old willem is an athlete and musician and is attracted to funny and spontaneous women who take life very seriously. He has been single for a year now and is looking for a serious relationship at this point in his life. He builds trust quickly with women and can be a good listener. He hopes this will also be the case for the women on Temptation Island: Love or Leave.



Jake (21)

21-year-old Jake is the youngest of the single men, but that doesn’t mean he’s not looking for a serious relationship and building a future with someone. He loves older women who care about confidence and confidence. Adventurous and driven Jake seems more mature than his age and is open to forming a deeper relationship with one of the women.



Bob (26)

The bold and loyal Bob enjoys running and riding motorcycles. As for love, he has now been single for half a year and is looking for an intellectual and faithful partner. Before he gets into a relationship, he first wants to have a good flick with someone. Once he’s in a relationship, he’ll walk through fire for that person. Something he also expects from his partner. During “Island of Temptation: Love or Leave”, he not only wants to tell women that their relationship is not good, but he wants to listen to them sincerely and give them advice.


Bob. © SBS

Job (32)

As far as love is concerned, it hasn’t really worked out with the social and musical 32-year-old Joop yet. He hoped to become a father at a young age, but he had not yet met the right woman. He’s looking for a partner who likes to do things and doesn’t just want to sit on the couch. He is ready to make the connection and if he loves one of the women, he will not let her grow up.


Job. © SBS

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