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These VIP Guests Are Exerting Tension In "Heaven Is Looking For Staff" |  showbiz

These VIP Guests Are Exerting Tension In “Heaven Is Looking For Staff” | showbiz

televisionThe arrival of a few VIPs shuffles the cards on the Heaven Quest Team members. Their job is to make it a little more difficult for couples.

As the last part of their internship, the duo have to prove themselves to the resort guests. To make it more difficult for them, tomorrow they will receive not only guests, but real VIPs. “It’s the first time the guests have come, so I’m curious to see if they’re ready,” says host Natalie Miskins. Watch and find out who will be staying soon at Zanziblue.

Natalie throws a little extra spice into the mix in the next episode. “It’s already very comfortable here, but I’m going to mood sponge You must play. You are not only here to enjoy yourself, but also to work,” says Natalie Miskins. She asks VIPs Pat Crimson, Loredana, Kathleen Ayerts, her offspring, Candice and Marin to make it more difficult for our candidates and sometimes change a difficult question or assignment. “Your evaluation is very important,” says Natalie Miskins. It will help determine which duo will leave Heaven.” Curious how our duo will perform…

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