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Thinking of two ideas: a crucial double for the Belgian Lions in the preliminary round of the World Cup, but the European Championship looms |  Belgian black

Thinking of two ideas: a crucial double for the Belgian Lions in the preliminary round of the World Cup, but the European Championship looms | Belgian black

The Belgian Lions start the second part of the World Cup qualifiers on Thursday evening with a home match against Great Britain, followed on Sunday by a confrontation with Greece Giannis Antikonmo. National coach Dario Gergeja will have to win at least once.

A portion of the points are transferred from the first preliminary round and so the Belgian men start the second preliminary round with number 4 in their group. To reach the World Cup, the Belgian Lions will have to climb one place, although that will not be evident against opponents already Greece, Great Britain and Turkey.

Belgium’s first mission is on the list Thursday night. Then the British descend on Bergen. National team coach Dario Gergaga realizes: “If we want to qualify for the World Cup, we have to win our matches at home.”

Great Britain captured the scalps of major nations such as Germany, France and Greece in the previous round. “She lost her last two matches – against Greece and Turkey – but the British were there,” Gercja said.

“Great Britain is playing at a high level. Some details were missing and they could correct that against us. They are very athletic, they have experience in every position,” the national coach warned.

Great Britain plays at a high level. They are very athletic and have experience in every position.

Dario Gergeja

“Greece is not just Antitokonmo”

On Sunday, the Belgian men will have an even more difficult task, with a visit to powerful Greece. The Greeks can call NBA star Giannis Antetokounmo and his three brothers Thanassis, Kostas and Alex. Quartet that instills fear in itself.

“But it’s not just about Antikonmo,” warns Dario Gergeja. “It’s also Papagiannis, Calatis, Selucas… all Euroleague and NBA players. It’s a great team.”

“This is going to be a game that we have to enjoy. Of course we have to try to play as best we can, but we also have to be smart and know what’s coming our way in the next 10 days.”

Giannis Antikonmo

The national coach has already lost 8 names of his choice for the European Championship

“Find out what’s coming our way in the next ten days.” The national coach’s statement indicates that the troops on a possibly inaccessible visit to Greece will be avoided given the following: The European Championship.

After all, on Thursday September 1, the Belgian Lions will start the European Championship. The final selection for the European Championship will not be announced until early next week, but Dario Gergega has already revealed the names of 8 players who can already sleep on his ears.

Retin Obasuhan, Ismael Bako, Manu Lecomte, Hans Vanuen, Pierre Antoine Gillet, Maxime de Zieu, Jonathan Tabo and Kevin Tomba will definitely be there in Tbilisi.

In the last 4 places, Gergja still had the pick of Jean-Marc Moema, Luke Schwartz, Harris Bratanovic, Quentin Ceron, Alex Lippert, Frenz Blijenberg and Robbie Rogers.

The coach of the national team, Dario Jirga, revealed “a great opportunity for goalkeeper Bratanovic and Frinz Blijenberg to be there, because we have to think about the future.” Bratanovic and Blejenberg, both at 21, are the youngest players in the group.

Spurza follows the Belgian Lions closely

At Sporza, you don’t have to miss anything from the Belgian lions. The World Cup qualifiers against Great Britain and Greece can be watched live on TV this week and broadcast live on our website or in the Sporza app.

All matches of the Belgian Lions in the European Championship can also be watched live in Sporza.

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