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This is how you get a clean barbecue again in no time |  MyGuide

This is how you get a clean barbecue again in no time | MyGuide

slackThe temperatures are rising again: it’s time to get off the barbecue! The only thing that might hold you back is cleaning it. This is a tedious task that you would prefer to put off as long as possible. fascinate However, it jumps to the rescue and provides you with a series of smart tips with which you can clean your grill quickly and properly.

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Before letting the grill run at full speed again, it is advisable to clean it well. The network in particular deserves some attention. Fortunately, there are some easy tricks to remove stains again. So you can soak the net overnight in a garbage bag with vinegar, biotox, or soda.

How do you clean the network?

Most people use a wire brush to clean grease and food residue. Not a bad tool because you can scrub it well because of the handle, especially if you grill regularly. However, there is another handy tool usually found in a kitchen drawer: aluminum foil! Make a filling of it and rub it. Combined with half a lemon, your lattice will be perfectly clean and fresh in no time.

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And the BBQ cockpit?

You should also not skip the grill pan. It is wise to clean it at least twice a year, ridding it of grease and food debris. In this way it prevents the formation of smoke and unpleasant odors. Just use a mixture of water and detergent for this. In combination with a sponge, it is very easy.

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Last check before use

Have you planned a relaxing barbecue party? Don’t forget to check in advance if you have everything you need for charcoal or gas barbecue.

If your shed barbecue hasn’t been used for a while, it may be worth checking if everything is still working. Especially if you have a gas or electric grill. There is nothing more annoying than finding out at the moment.

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This is how you keep your barbecue in top condition

• Always grease the grille with oil. This prevents meat or vegetables from sticking to it and leaving a residue behind. It saves you a lot of cleaning work afterwards.

• As annoying as it is: clean the grill immediately after use. This way, the dirt is not stubbornly clumped and you don’t need to rub it vigorously.

• Don’t forget the grill itself while cleaning. Fat spots often go in all directions. And it would be nice if the barbecue still looked like new next year. Use a soft cloth for this and do not use strong cleaning agents.

• If you have a charcoal grill, don’t forget to check the charcoal box after each session and empty it if necessary. It is best to remove ash and food debris as much as possible to prevent smoke from forming.

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