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This is how you test the water resistance of your smartphone

This is how you test the water resistance of your smartphone

Your smartphone becomes less water-resistant the longer you use it. Have you been using your smartphone for a while and not sure if you can still let it splash around in the sink with confidence? This is how you test it.

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The water resistance tester tells you how resistant your smartphone is to water

Who would have thought that? With the Water Resistance Tester app, you can find out how well your smartphone can withstand splashes and showers. The application works as follows. You apply light pressure on the screen with both thumbs. Then the app uses the barometer to see if your device is still waterproof.

The barometer in a smartphone measures the relative air pressure around the device. Ordinary barometers rely on water or use a copper solution that expands and contracts based on atmospheric pressure. However, this is too complicated for a smartphone. You’ll also find a digital barometer inside your phone. This is a fairly simple pressure sensor.

The app immediately notices if your smartphone is not waterproof. Do not try to use it if your smartphone does not have an official IP value. Also, make sure that all ports that need to be closed, such as the SIM card holder, are closed.

This is how you experience it for yourself

To begin the test, place your phone on a firm, flat surface. Start the application and place your thumb on the marked places on the screen. With just a little pressure, the test begins. The app will flash a green check mark if your phone is still waterproof enough. If not, you will get a giant red exclamation mark printed all over your face.

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