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Resident Evil Village pirate says the cracked version fixes DRM bugs

Image of the article Resident Evil Village Pirate Says Cracked Release Fixes DRM Bugs

Screenshot: Capcom

Resident Evil Village It’s a good game. But on PC, the game suffered from annoying intermittent issues that left many frustrated. Capcom has yet to fix these issues, but now it appears that a cracked version of the game that removes all DRM has fixed all of the stuttering.

As I mentioned before The dark side of games or, PC version of Resident Evil Village Recently hacked by empress, Famous DRM Remover. Now this village Anyone who knows where the cracked shower is located can download and play a pirated copy of the game without DRM. Remove DRM from village It also appears to have been fixed. These are disgusting intermittent issues that have plagued the game ever since Released in May.

In a post where the cracked version of villageEMPRESS claims that Capcom uses both Denuvo and its proprietary DRM technology. Looks like it’s all DRM inside village The culprit players faced was stuttering and gameplay obstacles.

EMPRESS explained, “All portals within the game, such as those in killing zombies, have been fixed, as Capcom DRM access points have been patched.” “So most of its features are no longer implemented. This results in a much smoother gaming experience.”

choke game RE Village.

to me DSOGAfter a few hours of testing the newly cracked version of the game, they can be sure that it actually works better and is a more enjoyable experience. In a video he posted DSOG’s EICAnd you can clearly see how smoothly the game runs now with all the DRM patches. Compare that to a video Uncracked version of the game is running RTX3080.

Kotaku I’ve contacted Capcom and Denuvo about stuttering and the latest cracked version seems to fix the problem village.

Capcom confirmed at E3 in June that it had begun work DLC for Resident Evil Village. No more details about the next DLC have been revealed, but hopefully Capcom can get their hands on a PC version of it village Before that, it works even better if it means removing DRM from it.

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