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This is the FREE Epic Games Store Game of the Week: The Lion's Song

This is the FREE Epic Games Store Game of the Week: The Lion’s Song

The time has come again, there is – of course – another free game available this week at Epic Games Store. The title is The Lion Song.

“The Lion’s Song” is a narrative adventure game. It is steeped in history since its inception 20th century Focuses on a crew of Austrian artists and scholars, Each episode delves into their heartwarming struggle with creativity and inspiration. Follow!

A sentimental journey

If you like adventure games and haven’t played The Lion’s Song yet, jump on board ASAP. Players looking for a challenging puzzle game should also pay attention due to the relatively simplified gameplay here. Finally, anyone who likes to be taken on a sentimental journey will definitely get it by playing all four episodes.

Philosophical game

Mature and complex plans that deal with the ability to improve oneself, achieve goals and dreams, and overcome barriers to achieve what we feel most passionate about. Simple gameplay and graphic style with pixels that will pleasantly surprise us, infused with super cool sound effects and music. So it’s a completely philosophical game where you have to think deeper than most games

Each chapter follows a different hero, and in the final chapter you see how their stories connect together and close. Each chapter usually interacts with one of the other characters giving you a different perspective on their story.

The Lions Song generally gets good reviews, in Megacritic the game has a descriptive score of 77 and a user score of 79

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