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This is why William and Harry did not give a separate speech: 'It would have been disastrous' |  Property

This is why William and Harry did not give a separate speech: ‘It would have been disastrous’ | Property

PropertyLast Thursday, Britain’s Princes Harry (36) and William (39) paid a joint tribute to their late mother Diana. Unexpectedly, because the two princes were actually giving a separate speech during the event. Fortunately, they changed their minds, say the Kings-watchers in People.

It’s no secret that things between brothers William and Harry have been shattered for a while. So we had to wait and see how the princes would react in honoring their mother, Diana, in honor of her 60th birthday. Particular attention was paid to the separate speeches that the brothers would give and what would be said in them. But in the end Harry and William did not give a speech during the event, only a joint statement was issued.

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Historian Robert Lacey, who also wrote The Battle of the Two Brothers on the two matters, thinks it’s a good idea. He told People, “They’ve shown a constructive way of dealing with their differences. They didn’t hide their differences, but they both recognized that there were more important things. By doing so, they made everyone’s hearts happy.”

Lacey continues, “It was a very smart decision not to make any speeches. The idea of ​​competing speeches would have been disastrous. But sending a deliberate joint statement out to the world was perfect. It shows that there is a way out.”

What did this statement say?

“Today, on our mother’s 60th birthday, we remember her love, strength and character,” the brothers said after the ceremony, it seemed. “Qualities that have made her a force for good around the world, changing countless lives forever. Every day we hope you’ll stay with us. We hope this statue will stand here forever as a symbol of her life and legacy. Thank you to Ian Rank Broadley, Babe Morrison and their teams for their incredible work.” Thank you to our donors and friends who made this possible and to all the world who keep the memory of our mother alive.

Despite the joint statement, the princes do not appear to have put their differences behind. Harry left the party after only twenty minutes and left the next day for his homeland – to the United States. So there was no time to catch up.

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