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Buckingham Palace intrusion: The accusations against Prince William removed from the new documentary in a royal hurry

Buckingham Palace intrusion: The accusations against Prince William removed from the new documentary in a royal hurry

PropertyPrince Harry, 36, and Prince William, 39, continue to thrill the world. For the presence or absence of settlement after submission Princess Diana statue? Although British TV viewers got an answer last night in the new documentary “Harry & William: What Went Wrong?” It turns out that the broadcast was modified at the last minute. For example, all charges against Prince William were dropped after Buckingham Palace intervened and issued a warning.

Around Omid Scobie’s sayings, who has authored the book Finding Freedom and is in close contact with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (39). He claims that Prince William’s associates deliberately leaked negative gossip about Prince Harry to the press, in order to jeopardize Harry’s credibility. “It suddenly became known that William was concerned about Harry’s mental health,” Scooby said. “It was no coincidence that this happened right after Harry and Meghan’s interview with Tom Bradby was broadcast. In that interview, Harry said he and his brother were “on a different path.”

He continued: “The newspapers read the next morning that William was concerned, but those rumors about Harry’s mental health were whispered to the media by his people. This led to an even greater rift between the two princes. For Harry, a finger was placed on a painful wound, and no It goes unnoticed.” Scobee provided no evidence for his accusations: “Whether it was William himself who caused those rumors, we will never know. But they came from his office which he owns.”

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In the documentary “Harry and William: What’s Wrong?” The allegations against Prince William have been dropped. © ITV

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According to the Daily Mail, the British court contacted the documentary’s producers just prior to the broadcast. The producers were told it was about “a number of details”. But in fact, they were warned: According to the Daily Mail, the palace confirmed to productions that they “reject” the allegations about Prince William and that these allegations were “defamatory” of the monarchy.

Production of “Harry and William: What’s Wrong?” Then she said she had “carefully considered the request.” But in the end they relented: the makers and the television station, a few moments before the broadcast, chose to delete all relevant references to the topic. According to the staff, this is mainly because William – who has long been committed to mental health charities – is “very unhappy” if he is put in a bad light.

So British viewers finally got a no-show documentary from Omid Scobie. Although the intervention of the royal palace may have the opposite effect: by omitting the statements, the court is stirring up all the long-standing rumors of a feud between Harry and his brother.

That’s why William and Harry did not give a separate speech: “It would have been disastrous.”

‘Finding Freedom’ writer claims William started rumors about Harry: ‘He questioned his mental health’