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This makes someone a boring person -

This makes someone a boring person –

Some people simply have more humor, tell more lively, or go on more exciting adventures than others. Some of them may be quite boring. Researchers have discovered what kind of people we find boring.

In five sub-studies, they asked more than 500 people, among other things, what they considered boring personality traits, jobs, and hobbies. What happened? People who worked in data analysis, accounting, tax authorities, banking or cleaning were seen as the most boring. According to the participants, the hobbies that boring people often pursue are sleeping (!), religion, watching TV, watching animals or mathematics.

no humor
When asked about the personality traits of boring people, people mentioned a lack of humor, a lack of opinion, or many concerns and complaints. “The more a person possessed these qualities, the more he was seen as boring,” Write researchers.

“But more important is the social consequences of such an image of a boring person, because it also affected a sense of interpersonal warmth and competence,” Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin figured out.

Bored people are said to be less warm and friendly and less efficient at their work, according to participants. “I would have thought accountants might have been considered boring, but they are also effective and the perfect person for the job,” said one researcher. “Because in fact, of course, bankers and accountants are very capable.”

Follow-up research should show why these people are classified as boring and why we associate this with the fact that they are less warm and efficient.

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