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This remarkable piece of architecture is one of the Bruges Triennial's highlights

This remarkable piece of architecture is one of the Bruges Triennial’s highlights

What is the idea behind the hallway?

“The theme of the three years is“ TraumA. ”We wanted to evoke fear of the unknown through a three-dimensional work. The classic pavilion architecture often contains porticos or columns. It has a welcoming effect, as a transitional space between the inside and the outside. By placing the columns at an angle and close together. Some as much as possible, it gets something threatening, like an impenetrable jungle with fallen trees. The more you dig in it, the more disoriented it becomes. ”

Your work balances the boundaries between art and architecture. Why this choice?

“Artistic installations are the essence of our work, along with sculptures and landscape elements. During our studies, we have already tried radical forms of architecture. Because we like to have enough space, we are selective in our architectural projects. We mainly choose buildings that allow us to express.”

Artist and Architect Leuven duo Gijs Van Vaerenbergh.RV photo

Borgloon’s ‘Doorkijkkerk’ has been a tourist hotspot on Instagram for years. What do you think that?

“The artwork dates back to 2011, and we are amazed that it is still such a popular place that pops up everywhere. The church has something familiar, it’s a silhouette that is recognizable in the landscape. We find it interesting to see how the installation process takes on a private life. With them and integrate with the environment. ”

This fall, a new project will start in the Meise Botanical Garden. What exactly is the plan?

“We won a competition to create a bog garden in the castle pond. The difficulty of shore plants is that you have to get visitors close enough to the surface of the water. Our design consists of a concrete winding path that winds along five islands. Each island becomes a replica of a bio-aquatic environment.” Occur in nature. ”

Triennalebrugge 2021, from 5/8 to 10/24,,

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