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Leah Thys is improving, but "Home" changes the scenario anyway: "It might be a bit dizzying" |  TV

Leah Thys is improving, but “Home” changes the scenario anyway: “It might be a bit dizzying” | TV

It remains unclear how to proceed with its ‘Home’ stake. “We want to give Leah the needed relief now, of course, so we can grieve and heal more,” Rogen continues. We have almost daily contact with her and it has not yet been agreed upon when she will be back on set. Meanwhile, the production of ‘Thuis’ of course will continue, but we don’t want to put any pressure on her. That’s why we really decided that we would give Leah the story we wanted to tell in “Home a U-turn.”

He continues: “It will remain the same story, but it will be told in a slightly different way on screen. Leah is behind this whole decision, we did it in consultation. It often happens that we have to modify some scenes, for example because an actor is sick. The viewer does not notice that, because they are Of course they don’t know how we originally conceived a scene. Now that everyone sympathized with Leah and knew what she’s been through and had different priorities, that might be clearer in a few weeks. But everyone will definitely understand that. We especially want our colleague to be able to recover. More and give a place for her grief. “

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