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This supersaurus was probably the longest living dinosaur that ever lived

This supersaurus was probably the longest living dinosaur that ever lived

Supersaurus may have been the longest living dinosaur that ever lived. Scientists concluded this on the basis of new fossil research. The length of the animal can reach 42 meters.

Like many very tall dinosaurs, the supersaurus is a dichotomous species, a subspecies of sauropods, that lived in North America 150 million years ago. Animals have a long neck, a small and heavy torso, and a long, whip-like tail.

Giant dinosaurs have long been considered one of the tallest dinosaurs ever, but are now officially the tallest “based on a decent skeleton,” with other long dinosaur remains being too limited to accurately estimate their length, says paleontologist Brian Curtis of the Arizona Museum of Natural History against Live Science.

The scientist conducted a new analysis of fossils found in the US state of Colorado. Bones of three dinosaurs were found there. But all the large double-disc-like bones, now attributed to the tallest dinosaur ever, were found in the same place in the quarry, and no two bones of the same bone were found, indicating that there were no remains of other dinosaurs. Also, the large bones were all about the same size, which increases the chance that it was one dinosaur: the supersaurus.

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Curtis’ study showed that the animal would have been at least 39 meters long from head to tail, but likely up to 42 metres. This makes this supersaurus perhaps the tallest of all, but not the heaviest. That honor goes to the titanosaur argentinosaurus, which weighed 90 tons and was nearly twice as heavy as the supersaurus.

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Meanwhile, the longest animal ever measured is not a dinosaur. This is a 45-meter siphonophora (tubular jellyfish or jellyfish) which actually consists of a long line of jellyfish-shaped animals that live in the sea, he wrote Live Science by.

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