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This video shows what is happening

This video shows what is happening

Submit an AirTag and follow the route

There are still quite a few Questions about AirTag. For example, what happens if you change a file AirTag In a bag? Can you see exactly when the bag rolls off the luggage belt upon arrival? Another interesting question is what happens when you change a file Iphone In a self-guided envelope. Makes AirTag Then a city tour and you’ll be on your doorstep the next day. ICulture Alex reader knows: he made a video of it.

Alex concludes that there are indeed a lot of opening-up videos out there, but they often show the same thing. It’s even more fun when people come up with an idea that hasn’t yet been implemented, as in this case. Alex put AirTag in a mailbox on a busy road 500 meters from his home. However, it took a while before he got the site for the first time. The turn on the message is also interesting: the AirTag traveled 120 kilometers, eventually returning to the owner.

There appears to be enough people working in PostNL distribution centers with a IphoneBecause the location was being reported regularly in those places. And sometimes he would move a little too. But an odd time jump was also made early in the experiment, with the AirTag moving faster than is normally possible with the vehicle. This gives the impression that the site is not completely real-time after all – something we also concluded with VanMoof bike test.

It’s helpful to know if you intend to attach the AirTag to an object that moves, such as a suitcase or vehicle that you aren’t always in. If you’ve been wondering if all of those PostNL folks haven’t been notified that AirTag is flying with you, the answer is no. The AirTag After all, he wasn’t in a lost mode.

If you want to share the video with foreign friends: there is also one English language variable (And it’s exactly the same in terms of content.)

Sequel: Send AirTag to Norway
The next experiment is sending AirTag to an address in Bergen, Norway. Which road will he take this time? You can track it through Icepick YouTube Channel. Alex has the flair, because he also gave a video explaining how to remove the speaker coil, so the AirTag makes less noise (for those who like it).

You can read more frequently asked questions on our website Frequently asked questions about AirTag!

Open image: PostNL