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This was the second episode of "De Mol": "99% sure we were safe"

This was the second episode of “De Mol”: “99% sure we were safe”

Rush into the kitchen with the arabian camel, duel a pirate and dive with the mermaid. makers the mole Show their most creative side once again during Episode Two missions. But the biggest surprise was the exclusion test. For the first time, candidates were allowed to fill this with two people. Even before the program began, after a conversation with a dating agency, they were matched with a fellow candidate, their ideal partner. During the romantic tête-à-tête they can discuss their tactics, as the results of the two tests will be added. The couple with the lowest scores had to go home. Whoever formed a match with a mole was safe anyway. Just before the elimination, Gilles de Coster – as we know him – devised a plot: whoever wanted it, he could still exchange partners. But all the candidates remained faithful to their partner, and therefore earned two thousand euros, the only money in the ring.

Between the pairs, there was the most mistrust between Yens and Emanuelle, but the other Jens and Toon got a red screen. “I almost fell off a chair. We were 99 percent sure we would survive the elimination,” this West Flemish carpenter replies. “We had such good tactics. So I didn’t really rely on that red screen, but I give it a lot of credit for the rest. They simply did better than me and Jeans,” adds Ton.


Thus, after his participation last season, Janes had to leave the match for the second time. “That was fine. I was happy to see my daughter – and of course my wife Shana – again. I found it so hard that I couldn’t say goodbye. We usually go on vacation to make up for some lost time together. So on the way back I shed some tears. on my daughter.”

Toon had a more difficult time being eliminated. “I had a really hard time with her, you get picked all of a sudden. But I was so glad I lost weight with Janes. We have a lot in common. My engagement lasted a little over a week, but I wouldn’t miss it for anything.” the mole It is an adventure, where Jane also loses weight and then hides with my grandmother and grandfather, in particular,” laughs the student from Forseller.


Jens caused quite a surprise last week when he suddenly made a comeback on the popular game show. Both candidates and home viewers doubted this, but he was unaware of his second participation. “I have a bit of faith in humanity. I might be a bit naive after all,” he laughs. “When they told me at the airport that I had to take a tour through Lanzarote, I thought it was silly, but I thought they wanted to give me good compensation after the transfer. The taxi also changed which I couldn’t really understand. The driver and photographer were talking to each other in Spanish the whole time I thought they had a thing for each other. Especially when they suddenly got out of the car and stayed away for a long time.” (He laughs)

late hours

The conversation with the dating agency, which was pre-recorded, took place under the guise of a new game show in which Jens was a test subject. The dispensation was better hidden in the cuckoo clock than it appeared in the episode, and his girlfriend Shana unknowingly emptied his diary. “It’s unlikely how I managed to do that,” says Janes. “The first day I was in the game, I still didn’t sink. I was living in my own bubbles and couldn’t believe it. After 24 hours I can really enjoy it. And I did it perfectly, all sorts of things: food, errands, drinks necessary in the hours. Late and the group. I’m still part of last year’s group and I didn’t think they could match such a great gang, but they worked out anyway,” concludes Jens, who was told he was a participant again, calling it the best part. the trip.

It was his birthday for Toon. “Imagine that you can share with the mole, This is madness. Then you find out that the first day of filming is your birthday, which is ten times crazier! It was a unique day that I will be talking about in twenty years. We parted until night. I don’t know when you got into my bed, because we weren’t allowed to have a watch.”

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