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This way you can be sure that Meta is not using your data for artificial intelligence

This way you can be sure that Meta is not using your data for artificial intelligence

Meta will use your Facebook and Instagram data to train its AI. This is how you put an end to it.

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We also have to believe it in Europe: starting June 26, Meta will use your Facebook and Instagram messages to train its artificial intelligence. This includes photos you upload, messages you write, and even comments you post. Private messages are skipped.

Users will be notified before June 26 that public information shared through Meta products will be used to develop and improve Meta’s AI.

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Is this allowed in Europe?

In Europe, there are clear laws about what tech companies can and cannot do with our data: the General Data Protection Regulation. Parties collecting data must usually ask permission to do so. However, in this case, Meta relies on “legitimate interest”. This means that you do not have to give permission, but you do have the option to object.

However, this does not mean that Meta makes it easy for you. If you click on the Meta notification via the big blue button, you will miss this little link to the form you must complete to dispute.

That’s how you object

The objection is submitted by filling out the form. there Template for Facebook And a Template for Instagram.

You must indicate in the form, among other things, how the processing of data by Meta affects you. You don’t have to make it too complicated. For example, you can simply indicate that you do not want your data used and Meta must respect that.

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Meta points out that information about you can still be used to train its AI, for example, if a photo of you was uploaded by someone else.

There is also another one The third form Which can be useful to complete if you want full coverage. This form relates to third parties who have your data, such as your name and email address, which may not be used to train Meta’s AI.

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Insta story doesn’t help

Some Instagram users are now trying to object by saying in an Insta Story or message that Meta is not allowed to use their data and that they own their photos and texts. Unfortunately this doesn’t work. You will really have to fill out these forms.

Why is it so difficult?

Since European law requires Meta to respect every objection, the company makes it as difficult as possible for users to raise such an objection. The form itself is also full of confusing language.

Meta is known for pushing the boundaries of what a company can get away with. It is not unlikely that the EU will find this type of opt-out too short and force Meta to explicitly include the opt-out in the settings menu. Until then we have to be content with these forms.

What’s wrong with letting Meta use my data?

There is a high probability that the data used to train the AI ​​will never come back in a recognizable way, but the problem with this technology is that there is no guarantee of that.

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The technology behind generative AI is a black box, with a lot of data coming in and a lot coming out. Typically, that new data, such as a generated image, is unlike anything that has been created before. However it does happen sometimes. It’s also possible that verbatim text appears elsewhere, or that the image created looks exactly like you.

And this subscription?

Do you pay to use Facebook and Instagram via subscription? This then only affects the use of your data for ads and not for training the AI.

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