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Thomas Markle does not talk about meeting his daughter: 'Oprah uses Harry and Meghan' |  Property

Thomas Markle does not talk about meeting his daughter: ‘Oprah uses Harry and Meghan’ | Property

PropertyThomas Markle (77), father of Duchess Meghan (39), criticized Oprah Winfrey on the Australian TV show “60 Minutes”. In his view, the American talk show queen offended his daughter and husband Harry by showing them on stage on her own channel to tell their story.

The conversation between Harry, Meghan and Oprah was broadcast on TV in early March. In it, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex spoke about their poor relationship with the British royal family and accused Harry’s family of racism.

According to Thomas Markle, Oprah offended the couple. “I think she used Harry and Meghan to build her TV network with new shows. I think she used a very weak guy. She made him say things you shouldn’t say on TV.”

Thomas, who has had no contact with his daughter for some time, sees similarities between Meghan and Harry. Both, in his eyes, “completely ignore” their family to the point that no one is left. “Now they are all alone in a huge house that can easily accommodate twenty people, while there are only four of them. I don’t think they will have a family for a barbecue next week or next month.”

Sympathy for Charles

He himself still could not stand the fact that he had never met his grandchildren. “Even serial killers are visited by their families in prison. I am not a murderer, I made a stupid mistake and I still have to pay for it. If I did something wrong I would understand, but I did not.” Meghan has refused to talk to him since she married Harry three years ago. It is said that Thomas collaborated with the British press shortly before the wedding by taking pictures. Something his daughter didn’t thank him for. They talk about empathy in their interview. But they don’t sympathize with me, my family, or the rest of the world. I’m 77 now, and most of Markle’s men are no older than 80. I may never be able to carry my grandchildren. I think it’s a shame, because I’m a good grandfather.”

Thomas also says he sympathizes with Prince Charles. “I’d like a pint with him, because he’s in the same situation. I’m so sorry for what happened to him and Harry. We’ve both been ignored by our kids. But he seems like a good guy to me and I’m thankful he took Meghan to the altar at my place at the time, though Than I’d rather do it myself.”

He doesn’t have much hope anymore. “I still love my daughter, but I have no idea if this feeling is mutual. I am afraid I will never see her again.”

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