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Thousands of Dutch stranded in Morocco

Thousands of Dutch stranded in Morocco

October 21, 2021 – 17:00 – Morocco


Dutch planes can no longer fly to Morocco since midnight. Transavia Airlines has asked the Dutch embassy in the Kingdom to transport the stranded passengers.

The Moroccan government has suspended Dutch flights due to the increasing number of injuries in the European country. She wrote that the authorities are also concerned about the new variant of the coronavirus that has emerged in the UK metro news.

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In March 2020, Morocco also suspended air traffic, forcing many Dutch to get stuck there. At that time, it was also not possible to travel through other EU countries. For now, it is still possible to fly via Belgium or France, for example.

Transavia Airlines has applied, for repatriation flights, to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Dutch Embassy in Morocco. Empty planes are then sent back to the country to take stranded travelers. But there has been no response to this request so far. “It is now really a question of waiting and hoping that the Moroccan authorities will give us this permission,” a Transavia spokeswoman said.

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The airline’s outbound flights have been canceled until at least October 27. Many people perceive their holidays as getting worse, because the suspension of flights falls precisely on the autumn vacation period. In total, about 5,000 flights were cancelled. It is not clear how many Dutch people are stranded in Morocco due to the flight ban. At the moment, for example, victims can still fly to Brussels and from there to the Netherlands.

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