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Three types of dangerous mosquitoes appear in the Netherlands |  interior

Three types of dangerous mosquitoes appear in the Netherlands | interior

Three dangerous alien mosquitoes have already been found in five locations in the Netherlands this year. This was reported by the invasive alien platform Stop Stop based on information from the Dutch Consumer Product and Food Safety Authority (NVWA).

It may be related to the tiger mosquito and the yellow fever mosquito in Harlemmerme, the yellow fever mosquito in Moerdijk and the Asian forest mosquito in Lelystad.

More information about the discoveries will not be released. Crazy, that’s what Wilfried Reinhold, head of the Invading Alien Elements Stop Stand, thinks. ā€œIt is remarkable that information from the NVWA about mosquito hunting is becoming increasingly scarce. This is despite information that is very relevant to the public.ā€

It was previously announced that the NVWA had found a tiger mosquito in Honselersdijk and in Lelystad.

Infectious diseases

Tiger mosquitoes can transmit more than two dozen tropical infectious diseases, including dengue, Zika and chikungunya. So far, there are no cases of the virus in the Netherlands.

Exotic mosquitoes enter Holland through the import of used car tires and ornamental bamboo plants, where they lay eggs. for plants Commodity law calls for quarantine Cleaning with pesticides. According to the covenant, tires must be transported dry and stored dry after arrival.