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TikTok offers advertising opportunities for Belgian companies |  Economie

TikTok offers advertising opportunities for Belgian companies | Economie

From now on, TikTok will give Belgian companies the opportunity to target ads to more than one billion users of the platform. The popular social media channel mentioned this in a press release.

So far, Belgian advertising companies can only advertise via their own accounts. That will change from now on, because TikTok now gives Belgian companies access to all ad formats in order to set up campaigns on the platform.

“We have seen time and time again how brands play an important role in the TikTok experience and how much our community enjoys the interactions they have with their favorite brands. We are therefore pleased to be able to help Belgian companies harness the full potential of our platform to support their growth,” says Managing Director Arnaud Cabanes. .

In concrete terms, businesses will be able to use TikTok for Business (a tool to help businesses get started on TikTok; editor) and TikTok Ads Manager (an advertising platform that allows businesses to independently create TikTok campaigns; editor.

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