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Timothée Chalamet becomes the first solo man to make history on the British cover of Vogue |  showbiz

Timothée Chalamet becomes the first solo man to make history on the British cover of Vogue | showbiz

celebrationsFor the first time in 106 years, a man appeared on the cover of the British fashion magazine “Vogue”. The scoop goes to actor and fashion icon Timothée Chalamet (26), known for the movie Call Me By Your Name. “I think it is extraordinary, strange and above all an honor to be the number one man on the cover of Vogue,” Chalamet says.

Choosing Chalamet was easy. “He’s a man for everyone and his style is super confident. From shimmering genderless suits to his everyday wardrobe of vintage T-shirts and plain jeans. He doesn’t like to describe himself. This non-sexual way of dressing inspires everyone on the gender spectrum,” Vogue says. I think it’s unusual, weird and above all an honor to be the first man on the cover of Vogue,” says Chalamet.

Edward Enninful, editor-in-chief of Vogue, was waiting for the right man for the cover. Although men have appeared alongside women on the magazine cover several times over the decades, he has never wanted to confront only a man. “Vogue is a magazine that celebrates women and sees enough men in the media,” it has been said for years. Although he now finds this statement a bit outdated. “Fashion is about wearing what you love, whether it’s on men or not. It doesn’t matter whether your gender identity fits the category the designer was thinking of, as long as you feel good about it,” says Enninful. So it’s only natural in the world for Chalamet to grace the cover in a women’s outfit that Harry Styles already did in 2020, as the first man on the cover of American fashion magazine Vogue.

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On the Vogue shoot, photographed by Steven Meisel, Chalamet experiments with fashion. He wears a pearl necklace on the cover and other photos show him wearing a pink wig and leather pants. Although a lot of women’s clothing was used in the shoot, according to “Vogue,” the result is very gender-neutral. Photos posted on the Instagram of the British fashion magazine collected millions of likes.

In 2018, singer Zayn Malik appeared on the digital cover of British series Vogue for the first time. Singer Robbie Williams, football player Marcus Rashford and actor Helmut Berger have also appeared on the cover in recent decades. Definitely on the side of the woman.

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