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Tips against hay fever – what you can do yourself

Tips against hay fever – what you can do yourself

Medical Facts Editorial / Janine Budding April 9, 2024 – 6:10 pm

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About one in eight people in Europe suffer from hay fever, or allergic rhinitis. This may sound like a spell, but it basically means that you have an allergic reaction to pollen from grasses, trees, or weeds. This can really ruin your day, with all the sneezing, runny or stuffy nose, not to mention itchy and watery eyes.

With pollen season lasting longer than ever (thanks, climate change…), it's even more important to use smart tricks to avoid pesky pollen.

What exactly is hay fever?

In short: Hay fever is when your body goes a little crazy due to outdoor or indoor allergens like pollen, dust mites, animal hair, or mold. It's not a cold (so you can put those tissues away), and it can keep you company for weeks or months, especially during peak pollen season. Want to know more about it? For more information about hay fever: Living with hay fever.

How do you stay on top of pollen?

One of the best ways to beat hay fever is to stay up to date on the pollen forecast. Check websites, apps or news for the latest developments. On high pollen days, try to stay indoors as much as possible, especially during peak hours in the afternoon.

Make your home a pollen-free zone

By making your home pollen-proof, you can prevent a lot of misery. Keep windows and doors closed to keep pollen out. Air purifiers with HEPA filters are also a good idea to capture those volatile particles. And don't forget to clean regularly to remove pollen that has gotten inside.

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Personal care: out the door

When outside, protect your eyes from pollen with sunglasses. A little Vaseline around the nostrils can also help keep pesky pollen at bay. Don't forget to change your clothes and shower when you get home to rinse off all the pollen.

Pollen filters and avoidance tactics

Do you go out or drive? Then consider pollen filters for your air conditioner. Try to skip outdoor activities in the early morning and late afternoon, when pollen levels are at their peak. And think twice about activities where you are frequently exposed to pollen, such as mowing the lawn or visiting the countryside during pollen season.

Will these complaints continue? Hence it is smart to visit a doctor. They can definitely help you more!

Medical Facts Editorial / Janine Budding

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